Rubber Meets the Road

Rubber Meets the Road: Boot Camp

September 14 & 15
$695 up to 3 students, discounts available for 4 or more registrations

Course Overview

Finance is where the rubber meets the road, it forms the foundations for developing our plans, analyzing our business and creating effective strategies and tactics. In this course you will examine the operational expenses that determines gross profit. By assessing the impact of downtime, revenues per employees, billable hours, staffing, revenue per technician, the concept of effectiveness and more to determine your overall gross profit margins. You will learn to understand how marginal changes can make monumental impacts on your bottom line. Benchmarking against other pest control companies will be examined and we will look at how to use this information to improve the company’s financial performance. At the conclusion of the course, you will have a greater understanding from an operational standpoint on ways to improve your company’s profitability.