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Building Your Team's Greatness

What is the Leadership Development Series?

As leaders we are called upon to exhibit many skills that may not come naturally. The Leadership Series is comprised of six unique courses that take you on a challenging journey with required readings, homework and class time leading to developing your greatness. While the courses can be taken individually and in any order they also build on each other through an examination of 1) Leadership Foundations 2) Building the Greatness of Your Team 3) Attracting Great Talent and Repelling the Wrong Fit 4) Fast Tracking Your Individual Greatness 5) Bridging Generations and 6) Using Finance to Leverage Results.

The highlights of the courses are:

  • Live, weekly interactive classroom sessions (not on-demand)
  • Invest into your current leaders
  • Develop your emerging leaders
  • Identify your future leaders and grow them
  • Enhance your current leadership development program

Certificates are given at the completion of each course and for completion of the entire Leadership Development Series. To learn more about each of our courses see the detailed descriptions below.


Our Features

Why Choose Evolve YT?

6-Week Long Courses

Each student receives 6-weeks of hands-on learning with Phil and Evolve YT team leaders

See Your Success

Create measurable results to see your leaders emerge into great leaders throughout the program


Certificate of Achievement

At the completion of each course, as well as the entire program, graduates will receive a certificate highlighting their Leadership Achievement. 


We Stand by Our Promise

At the end of the course we will survey each student and their manager/leader to see if the expectations were met. If the answer is NO, the course is on us and a full credit will be issued.

Our Courses

Start Your Journey To Greatness


Building Your Team's Greatness

As a leader your primary job is to help others around you to achieve their greatness. Whether your teammates want to just be the best that they can be at their position or if they wish to rise in leadership, this course will provide the foundations to achieve both. 



Bridging Generations

Generations affect the way we hire, motivate, create and market to our clients.  This course will introduce you to the effects of the Mature, Baby Boomer, GenX, GenY (Millennials) and GenZ generations and how we get everyone in our organization excited and headed in the same direction, working together seamlessly.


What They're Saying

We're always looking for content to help us train and develop our people so I look at this program as an opportunity to not only help us develop leaders and their skill sets but also help us determine if leadership roles are really for them. Mike Rottler