Foundations of Leadership

Foundations of Leadership

December 8, 2020 – January 26, 2021
Holiday Break: December 22nd & 29th 
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Course Overview

Leadership is not by accident and is timeless; it is the foundation to your success. As leaders of pest management companies, there are skills and insights we need to bring to the table every day. In this journey, we will read and discuss in depth two timeless books, John Maxwell, 21 Laws of Leadership and John Wooden’s, Wooden on Leadership. We will compare and contrast the leadership principles of both authors and relate them to present day leadership issues and how these principles also impact your family and personal life. At the end of the course you will have the foundations and roadmap for your future development as a leader to become the best you. You will also understand how each course in the Leadership Series builds on the Foundations of Leadership.

REQUIRED READINGS: John Maxwell's 21 Laws of Leadership, John Wooden's Wooden on Leadership

Foundations of Leadership Week-By-Week Syllabus


Week 1
Maxwell's Laws 1-7
• 1. Law of the Lid
• 2. The Law of Influence
• 3. The Law of Process
• 4. The Law of Navigation
• 5. The Law of Addition
• 6. The Law of Solid Ground
• 7. The Law of Respect

Week 2
Maxwell's Laws 8-14
• 8. Law of the Intuition
• 9. The Law of Magnetism
• 10. The Law of Connection
• 11. The Law of the Inner Circle
• 12. The Law of Empowerment
• 13. The Law of The Picture
• 14. The Law of Buy-In

Week Three
Maxwell's Laws 15-21
• 15. Law of Victory
• 16. The Law of The Big Mo
• 17. The Law of Priorities
• 18. The Law of Sacrifice
• 19. The Law of Timing
• 20. The Law of Explosive Growth
• 21. The Law of Legacy

Week Four
Wooden on Leadership, Patrick Lencione Make Your Values Mean Something
• The Pyramid of Success
• The Pyramids Second Tier
• The Heart of the Pyramid
• Good Values Attract Good People, Wooden & Lencionne
• Values, Culture and Generations
• Wooden and the Test of Time, would it work 50+ years later?

Week Five
Wooden on Leadership
● The most powerful four letter word
● Call yourself a teacher
● Emotion is your enemy
● Teamwork – 10 hands
● Little things make big things happen
● Make each day your masterpiece
● The Carrot is Mightier than the Stick
● Make Greatness Attainable by All
● Seek Significant Change
● Don’t Look at the Scoreboard
● Adversity is Your Asset

Week Six
Bringing it All Together: Wooden, Maxwell, Lencione
HR Considerations for questions
• Timeless lessons of Wooden, Maxwell and Lencione
• Influence of Generations on Leadership Lessons
• Review of Final Projects
• Next Steps in building the Foundations of Leadership