Building Your Team's Greatness

Building Your Team’s Greatness

October 13 - November 17, 2021
$495 per student, discounts available for 3 or more registrations

Course Overview

As a leader your primary job is to help others around you to achieve their greatness. Whether your teammates want to just be the best that they can be at their position or if they wish to rise in leadership, this course will provide the foundations to achieve both. We will explore how to work 1:1 with your direct reports, how to coach them up and how to educate them on the skill and behaviors they will need to be successful. The course examines the three types of observation/coaching methods used to build the greatness in others. At the end of the course your ability to coach your direct reports will lead to increased job satisfaction, increased productivity and ultimately employee retention. You will also be able to determine which individuals on your team can be developed into your future leaders. 


What Students Should Expect

Current Leaders

This course is ideal for owners of small business and for leaders who manage people in the field. While it has a greater focus on field leadership the learnings are transferable to managing inside teams. We will focus on time management and what a great mix of activities should look like for a field manager. At the end of the course each student will better understand the mix of daily, weekly and monthly activities that produce great results with direct reports. Additionally, each student will learn the four different types of ride-alongs/coaching methods and how to flawlessly execute each. Finally, we will learn how to validate our training through feedback methods to include employee satisfaction and 360 reporting.

Emerging Leaders

Being able to effectively coach, teach, educate and hold direct reports accountable is fundamental to helping them achieve their greatness.  The emerging leaders will gain an appreciation for the wide range of activities that a service supervisor or a sales manager has to consider on a daily basis and will learn many of the skills necessary to effectively manage others. Activities plus execution = Success and understanding this in the world of field supervision is a key element in an emerging leader.