Bridging Generations

Bridging Generations

June 1, 2021 - July 6, 2021
$595 per student, discounts available for 3 or more registrations

Course Overview

Generations affect the way we hire, motivate, create and market to our clients.  This course will introduce you to the effects of the Mature, Baby Boomer, GenX, GenY (Millennials) and GenZ generations and how we get everyone in our organization excited and headed in the same direction, working together seamlessly.  This course is a building block for the other Evolve YT courses and will impact your perspective during other courses.  At the completion of the course you will be able to apply the learnings to recruit better talent, retain the talent you have, increase the productivity of your team.  Additionally, you will understand how your marketing campaigns will differ between generations, so your marketing campaigns have a higher impression rate, better conversion leading to a lower cost per lead.  

REQUIRED READINGS: Sticking Points By Hyden Shaw; Y-Size Your Business By Jason Dorsey; Zconomy By Jason Dorsey

Bridging Generations Week-By-Week Syllabus


Week One
Overview of 5 Generations, Matures & Boomers

  • Generational HR & Generational Marketing
  • What makes up each Generation Overview
  • Generations in Details
    • Matures
    • Boomers
  • Sticking Points for Matures and Boomers
  • Generational Makeup of Your Organization

Week Two
Generations Xers and 1st Half Millennials

  • Review of Generational Makeup Homework
  • Generations in Detail
    • Xers
    • Millennials overview and split generation
    • 1st Half Millennials

Sticking Points with Xers and Millennials

Week Three
Generations 2nd Half Millennials & Zs

Review of previous week and learnings

  • Generations in Detail
    • 2nd Half Millennials
    • The emerging generation: The Zs
  • Sticking Points with 2nd Half Millennials and Zs

Week Four
Generations and Employee Growth and Satisfaction

  • Review of previous week and learnings
  • Values, Culture and Generations
  • Understanding the Generational Culture of Your Organization
  • Marketing to Generations & Using this in Recruiting Part I
  • Questions to Understand Culture
  • Case Studies in Culture: A deep dive into Homework Assignment (Company Interviews)

Week Five
The Influence of Generational Marketing to Generational Leadership

  • Applying Generational Thinking to Marketing
  • Are our services/products generational friendly?
  • How do our client’s in each Generation find our companies? Source of Leads
    • Matures
    • Boomers
    • Xers
    • Later Millennials
    • Early Millennials
    • Zs
    • Gen Y search and find companies
  • Marketing techniques applied to Generational Recruiting
    • Recruiting by Generation
    • Recruiting Can we Use Generational Differences to attract more Millennials & Zs
    • Key Measures of Success match Interesting and Making a Difference
  • Social media and generations

Week Six
Bringing it All Together: Using Generations to Make Your Team Great

  • HR Considerations for questions
  • Loyalty and the Generations
  • Using Generations in Managing Up Not Down
  • Company Policies: Generational Preference or Organizational Necessity
  • Case Study Interactive Session

Leveraging the Generations, Bringing Your Generations Together